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Employers’ award

The Award was founded in 2010 by Salva Vita Foundation, the Ministry of Human Resources, the Hungarian Association for Excellence (EFQM Hungarian Partner) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary. It is given to companies that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to employing disabled people. The Award raises the reputation of the company demonstrating that it is a responsible employer.

The Employers’ Award has dual aims: on one hand, using the Award Logo, it supports the encounter of disabled job seekers employers who are ready to employ them. On the other hand it awards employers which are committed to best practice on disability at the workplace. Receiving the award, the employer becomes entitled to use the Award Logo for 2 years.

If you are interested in the program, please contact us for further details:

  • Project coordinator: Katalin Kappel
  • E-mail: fbm@salvavita.hu
  • Telephone: +36 20 249 69 10